April 10, 2020

Awareness is awesome

With the Corona virus rampant in the UK and the rest of the world, we have all taken government advice to stay home and self isolate. However, for those times that you do need to go out for supplies or essential work, there are many chances for the virus to spread.

A lack of thermometers has left many people unable to measure their temperature on a regular basis. While some individuals ignore their seemingly mild symptoms and continue to expose others to the virus inadvertently.

Hand held thermometer guns are notoriously inaccurate and rely on controlled environment to give correct readings. The lock down isn’t permanent and we WILL beat COVID-19. When we do, we will need to continue testing and monitoring together. allows temperature measurements to be taken in an instant from any business, work, educational or community premises. It is quick and contactless and ideal for malls, supermarkets, schools, offices and community centres.

By simply making more people aware of their symptoms, we hope to do our part in the fight against the Corona virus.