About Our Body Temperature Monitoring Solutions


In these unprecedented times, temperature monitoring of staff and visitors is highly recommended. A recent study has found fever to be present in 80% of symptomatic cases of COVID-19, SARS and MERS. With the threat of new variants and ongoing cases, temperature monitoring is a good practice to implement and provides reassurance to staff and visitors that you are taking all steps possible to keep everyone safe. Temperature monitoring should be implemented along with other safety measures such as maintaining social distancing, thorough cleaning of workspaces, routine hand washing & sanitisation and use of personal protective equipment.

Most temperature screening tablets on the market are the same generic product being resold as different names or model numbers. Having tested these products extensively early in the pandemic, we identified issues with accuracy, software capabilities, poor data security and lack of technical support. This led us to develop as a reliable, smart and highly effective tool for temperature monitoring in the workplace. As a UK based company with our own proprietary software, we have the best product on the market, are on hand to fix any issues, provide 24/7 technical support and our system is trusted by premier league football clubs, the Metropolitan Police, TFL and National Rail Operators among many other businesses and organisations.

Your normal body temperature is approximately 37°C. A fever is usually when your body temperature is 38°C or higher.

In line with UK government guidance from Public Health England, the temperature reading is taken from the forehead. Therefore, any hats, helmets or obstructions to the forehead must be removed before use. uses IR (infrared) to check a person’s temperature from the forehead. It is quick, contactless and requires you to stand 0.5m away from the sensor. The positioning of the tablet and floor sticker ensures that you stand at the right place and get an accurate reading. The TC620 tablet is mounted on an adjustable holder which allows easy tilting of the device for different heights. Normal readings are displayed in green and receive a short confirmation beep.

If the system detects a body temperature above the specified threshold (usually 38°C, however this can be amended by you), an extended beep will sound, and the reading will be displayed in red. At the same time, if you are using the system on wi-fi, an audio and visual alert will be triggered on the monitoring dashboard to inform the management. You can also choose to have the alert emailed to multiple managers which means that within a few seconds you will be able to put high temperature procedures into action to ensure the welfare of staff and visitors alike.

Many things can cause a high temperature, but it is usually caused by your body fighting an infection. Just the same way a person may cough for several reasons. Having a fever or cough does not necessarily mean that you have a Corona virus infection. However, it can you prompt to self-isolate, seek medical advice, get a test if needed and then decide on the best course of action. thermal sensors are made in Germany and certified to be accurate to +/- 0.3°C at a distance of 0.5m indoors.

No, is fully autonomous. The device informs the user of their temperature reading and allows managers to monitor all checks data remotely via our online dashboard.

Yes. The system can automatically detect if a person is not wearing a face mask and gives them an audible reminder. Wearing of a face mask does not affect the temperature reading.

Product user manual and/or offline Database Management Software are available at You may download by logging in to then select ‘Guide’ to download both of them. can be integrated with access control systems using relay or wiegand protocols. You can choose to open doors for any combination of: staff and visitors with normal temperature / staff and visitors wearing a mask / staff members that are recognised, are wearing a mask and have a normal temperature. can scan 1 person every 3 seconds or 20 people a minute. This ensures that people can take their temperature without having to add unnecessary additional time to their daily routine. is supplied fully assembled on a desk or floor stand, with easy-to-follow setup instructions. From unboxing, the device can be ready to scan within 15 minutes. Most of this time is for allowing the TC620 sensor to acclimatise to the surrounding temperature.

No, temperature monitoring systems work fully without a Wi-Fi connection, so you can use the device unconnected and never have to worry if your internet connection is unreliable.

The TC620 TIR tablet comes with a complete 12-month warranty.

Personal data is protected by GDPR regulations in the UK and European Union. We are registered with the ICO (registration number ZA772227) and comply fully with all data protection regulations. We have templates for customers to use regarding consent and explicit consent in the case of facial recognition capabilities. Unless the dashboard is set up with images taken for email alerts, the system is completely anonymous, and no personal data is taken. In the case data is recorded, we automatically delete within 21 days and for some customers we delete the data daily.

We have a technical team who are available via email or on the phone. In our experience, 95% of issues can be fixed over the phone. In the event that there are issues we cannot sort then we will visit site for further investigation and next steps.

Businesses can buy a for £1495+ VAT in a single payment or spread the payments over a year by paying a £300 deposit and then paying £100 a month. For organisations such as schools, places of worship, charities, and community spaces, we can assist as follows: – Split the bill: We will create a unique website page for you to share with your community members who can then contribute an amount towards your You can view progress of the funds committed and see the names of donors. Once the amount required is paid, we will close the page and deliver your – Sponsor a Register your organisation with us and ask local businesses to sponsor your We will also assist you in finding a sponsor and provide artwork on the stand for the sponsor businesses.

Please call us on 0208 087 3179 or email and our team will be happy to assist you further.

We are pleased to offer a no obligation trial of the device for up to two weeks so that you can assess the system at work in place as part of your daily routine. Rentals are also available for short term events.

We work to a 1 working day lead time from the date of order confirmation. This allows us to set up and quality test the device prior to shipping, ensuring that you receive a fully working device ready to help protect your site.

Yes. Our product is in use around the world, and we provide express shipping by UPS to our clients.

You can pay by bank transfer or with a credit/debit card. We also have the ability to receive international payments.

No. You can only use devices indoors or within a covered space as the temperature sensors will be affected by the outdoor temperature and weather. Always position your device away from any heat sources, such as radiators or air conditioning vents.

Yes, devices are designed for both large and small businesses. Our body temperature monitoring systems are being used by offices, schools, dentists, supermarkets, care homes and lots of other businesses and organisations. If your business has a higher footfall or requires mass testing at shift change, you can use multiple temperature monitoring tablets at different entrances. Give us a call (0208 087 3179) and we would be happy to advise on the best solution, carry out a free site survey if necessary and answer any questions which you may have.

The devices are robust and tamper proof. We recommend switching the off for energy efficiency over night or when not in use. When switching the system back on, you must wait 10 minutes for the sensor to stabilise and get used to its environment before conducting any temperature checks. The screen can be cleaned with a damp cloth or non-abrasive screen cleaning solutions. Please instruct cleaners to avoid touching the sensor and they should not be putting any cleaning solution directly on to it.