April 13, 2020

Hit and miss

A fever and dry cough are the most common signs of a COVID19 infection. The WHO, NHS, Public health England, CDC in America and generally all other public health bodies around the world agree on this.

We have seen key workers, airport passengers and NHS staff getting their temperature checked with thermometer guns all over the country. However, these thermometer guns are designed for use only in a controlled environment.

Operators of these devices are understandably reluctant to get too close to the person being tested and outdoor use throws in other variables. This combined with their built in accuracy of +/- 1°C puts us very much in the guesswork range.

“These devices are notoriously not accurate and reliable,” Dr. James Lawler, a medical expert at the University of Nebraska’s Global Center for Health Security, told The New York Times. “Some of it is quite frankly for show.”

A reliable temperature monitoring system would be a good indicator of infection numbers in any given place. Likewise, as restrictions ease and world travel becomes normal again, authorities must adapt more accurate monitoring of passengers and crew to avoid further large outbreaks. is a highly accurate, quick and contactless temperature monitoring system. It mitigates the human error in temperature monitoring and with its advanced IR Sensors, accuracy of +/-0.3°C is achieved. Numbers monitored vs Fever detected is recorded and can be analysed across the entire device network to identify infection patterns in any neighbourhood, city, region or country.