April 29, 2020

Testing times

As the UK government ramps up its corona virus testing, businesses and organisations are taking every step possible to implement new systems to protect staff and visitors.

Bournemouth airport has become the first UK airport to install temperature monitoring cameras while Heathrow chief executive John Holland-Kaye has written to Matt Hancock demanding mass corona virus screenings at British airports, including temperature checks, antibody tests and mandatory ‘health passports’.

The UK has been criticised for being too slow to react in getting PPE, implementing a lock down, screening passengers, lab testing and more recently making face masks mandatory for the public. It is unfortunate that we are now on track to have the highest number of Covid19 related deaths in Europe.

A fully tested and mass produced vaccine may be some months away. In the meantime we need to maintain social distancing and allow businesses with the right systems in place to reopen. Allowing staff to work from home when possible, provision of PPE, and fever screening are a good approach to take.

We have continued to advise many clients on the applications of our system and brought many thermometer gun toting junior employees back in doors. Our fully automatic tablets have built in thermal cameras which provide quick and accurate temperature readings. As more retail outlets begin to open again, expect to see more temperature monitoring and even more changes to our previous way of life.